Someone at Capcom either really loves me, or really hates me.

What makes me think they love me? Observe, to your right: One preorder bonus for Capcom’s Bionic Commando, due in the middle of February 2009. A metal lunchbox, just like we had back in the 80’s, adorned with the original American Bionic Commando box art. Wrapped around it: A continuous screenshot of Nathan “Rad” Spencer swinging through the first level of the game. And as you can see, the back features the old com in the Rearmed style, telling you “Current intel suggests that this lunchbox is rad.”

Or do they mean “Rad?” See? It works on multiple levels!

So, what makes me think they hate me? Like, really hate me? The lunchbox is available in limited numbers, of course, and is a preorder only at GameCrazy, of which there are none in the Great White North. And that makes me SOL.

The other option, which you can see along with other pics of the lunchbox here, is a pair of Bionic Commando logo patches; one old style, one new. These are at GameStop, and possibly EB Games, which is what they still call the stores around here. Downside is, they sometimes don’t get the bonus items.

And that is my happy-sad tale for you this evening.

–LBD “Nytetrayn”