They say you never forget your first. Of course, this usually applies to… other things: Kisses, girlfriends, cars, sometimes even video games and comic books and the like. But there is another first which is often overlooked: The first enemy you encounter in a video game.

To me, the first enemy you encounter in a game is almost as iconic as the hero. Perhaps it’s because they’re the ones you’re most likely to see the most of, or because they’re your first conquest. Or sometimes, because they’re the first one to draw blood from your inexperience. Just like so many confused first-timers who fell before the first Little Goomba ever in the first area of the first world of the first Super Mario Bros. Sure, Koopa Troopas are the main force of the Koopa tribe, with their various colors, and coming with and without Paratroopa wings. But the Goomba is often the first enemy you’ll find in a Mario game. They also seem to prosper more than the Troopas in the 3D games, too; Super Mario 64 and Galaxy, at least.

But they aren’t the only firsts. While Moblins seemed like the main Overworld soldier of The Legend of Zelda, Octoroks were the “Goombas” of that game to me. And while Metools/Mettaurs are the iconic enemy across seven series of Mega Man, I still remember the flying Bunby Helis (Bladers) as the definitive first-strike enemy. And unlike Goombas or Octoroks, these guys were good at doing their job, lending themselves well to the infamous challenge upon which Mega Man games are well known.

There are many other first enemies to name, and GamePro has done just that, with a list of the Top 38 Most Memorable First Enemies in video games. Definitely worth a look, and it spans all generations, not just the oldschool stuff I’m prone to discuss.

Feel free to share in the comments your most memorable first enemies!

–LBD “Nytetrayn”

  • Charlie Gavin

    Well, the MM9 Elephants weren’t the first enemy of the level, but they were pretty memorable. Mostly for begin fricken’ hard to beat.