Not that I think anyone reading this especially cares, but just in case: Walky has a nice review of the aforementioned City Commander armor, which you can find here.

Wow, this guy is big. I’m actually rather surprised that he’s nearly as tall, if not as tall, as the original Ultra Magnus, which you can see in the back there. But this one is infinitely more poseable than the original. He also comes with a bizarre little comic instruction book. Neat-o.

The only real problem he seems to have is the chunk which becomes a giant gun or missile launcher. I have no problem with this, actually, except that in gun form, the arms of Classics Magnus aren’t meant to support that kind of Lose Weight Exercise. But I have a possible solution, though I need to see how well it would work.

Given that Ultra Magnus is a “City Commander,” I think it would be neat if he’s hauling around an ultimate mega-weapon for the city in question, the Autobot City known as Metroplex. I used to have him, but no longer do. He’s been reissued recently, but nonetheless, I think that the peg holes might work, I’m just not sure if the weapon would fit or not. I should ask around. But the very idea of Ultra Magnus calling on a city to annihilate the enemy pleases me. As does the thought that he might just use that very weapon “meant” for the city (in my fanon, anyway) to blow some guys away himself.

Walky’s last words give me chills, too: “Powermaster Prime armor.” Or they would moreso, if I had Classics Optimus.

If only Hasbro could license the mold or something… on the other hand, this may just be one of those instances where they’re turning a blind eye (surely they know of it), and getting them involved would only invite trouble.

–LBD “Nytetrayn”