Matt over on Press the Buttons found something neat today that’s been lingering for a couple of weeks.

Over on Nintendo of Europe’s website, they have a three-part interview with the staff of Good-Feel Co., Ltd, the developers of Wario Land: Shake It! Or as it’s apparently known in Europe, “Wario Land: The Shake Dimension.

Some topics of interest are how they shifted away from Wario’s more disgusting attributes, of which there has been more focus lately, and instead made Wario into this macho, macho-man. And somehow, to me, that works just so perfectly.

“As much as possible, I wanted to show a macho Wario, one who is masculine and tough. I asked the animators to emphasize strongly his manly characteristics. We built up this image step-by-step during the animation process.” — Tadanori Tsukawaki, Design Director

They also go on to talk about the return of Captain Syrup (which all things considered was pretty low-key), the animation, the music, the shaking gimmick, and bringing back the sexy beast known as 2D gaming.

Also, be sure to check out the Press the Buttons piece on it, which includes a cool video of a complete run through one of the game’s levels.

  • MattG

    Captain Syrup’s return was a little underwhelming, but at least she’s back. All character returns have to start somewhere. Remember when Daisy suddenly returned after years away? Now we can’t get rid of her! “HI I’M SYRUP!”