Nothing like a good Miyamoto interview, and MTV Multiplayer’s by Stephen Totilo looks like it may be one of the better ones. It comes in three seperate parts, so there’s quite a bit to go over; in fact, I haven’t even had a chance to read it fully yet. But here’s a breakdown of each part, from what I’ve gathered:

  • Part One: “From ‘Wii Music’ To Bowser To… MotionPlus?” He talks about Wii Music, why he wishes the game came out before “Guitar Hero,” his biggest failure, how the design of “Mario” and “Zelda” influenced the project, and more.
  • Part Two: “‘Wii Music’ DLC, Negative Reviews, And How ‘Mario’ Fans Benefit,” “…the possibility of “Wii Music” DLC and IGN’s Matt Casamassina reaches a new level of Nintendo relevance as Miyamoto name-checks him while discussing his harsh review of the game. And more good stuff…”
  • Part Three: “Shigeru Miyamoto Interviews Me About Hardcore Games, Also Talks ‘Punch-Out’ And ‘Mario,’ ‘Zelda’ Shortcomings.” Title pretty much says it all, that I’ve seen so far at least.

So, give it a read if you get the chance. If I have anything to say on anything of note, I’ll make further posts when I’m not busy being jealous of Stephen.

–LBD “Nytetrayn”