The latest MMN Reset is up! This time, covering Mega Man 8. You can click here for a little more information. Basically, we’ve been teaming up with Capcom to count “up” to Mega Man 9’s release, releasing one of these videos each week. Regretably, there still seems to be a bit of a gap between Mega Man 8’s and Mega Man 9’s release, so we’ll be filling those in with Mega Man & Bass, maybe some arcade and Game Boy stuff.

You can find 1 (also narrated by me) through 7 as well in our YouTube profile. But for your convenience, here’s MMN Reset: Mega Man 8.

Oh, by the way. Ever since about Mega Man 3 or so, we’ve been having trouble getting these uploaded to GameTrailers; if you’re familiar with that, it would be appreciated if you could give us a shout. :)

–LBD “Nytetrayn”