In my continued hunt for the Super Mario Bros. 3 t-shirt, I decided to check eBay again, to no avail. But holy hell, look at what I did find:

I’m pretty sure I remember this from when I was growing up; that art came from an issue, the first issue in fact, of Nintendo Power. Not sure if I had that one or not, but I don’t think I did.

Looks like it may be the real deal, too, a 1988 copyright date on it and all.

It was $7.88 when I found it last night, but found that it went to a “holy crap” 33 dollars by the time it ended today. Too bad, it was in Toronto, too. But for $12 shipping? Hell, I’d hope I’d have been able to get less than that for what amounts to a busride away (if even that, for all I know).

Still, neat to see a genuine retro shirt like that.

–LBD “Nytetrayn”