From The Mega Man Network‘s frontpage (which has been up and down like crazy since we broke the NP Mega Man 9 confirmation, sorry folks):

Mega Man Star Force, the animated series that is, was pretty much relegated to online showings. For those who may want to watch it on a bigger screen however, you’re in luck – if you live in Europe. A 3-disc set of the Mega Man Star Force series has appeared on both and Amazon UK, set to release on November 3rd. There’s no word yet of the series being released on DVD in North America, or even Japan for that matter. With a given runtime of 300 minutes, the DVD set would contain around 30 of the series’ mini-episodes. I didn’t follow the series much myself, but for you animation fans this could be a nice treat.

Personally, I’d really like to get to see this. I hope there’s a US release at some point.

But hell, did they ever finish releasing the original NT Warrior on DVD? I don’t recall ever seeing Axess, and unless I’m really out of the loop, Stream, Beast, and Beast Plus never even had a chance. As a result, I haven’t seen anything past the first few eps of Japanese Axess, and the end of NT Warrior Axess, barring a sub of the movie (was fun, that).

Star Force was online-only on Toonami Jetstream, and that pretty well much sucks balls. Largely because Toonami Jetstream won’t let Canadians watch. So DVD would be pretty much my only hope. Incidently, I haven’t heard bo-jack-diddly-squat about stuff being censored or not, so I have no idea how the two compare. But NT Warrior Axess was enjoyable enough to me, so if it’s on that level, at least…

Of course, not being on network or cable TV could possibly be an asset.

At any rate, I’d love to get caught up, but I’m doubtful I’ll ever be able to. It’d be nice to see some box sets of Star Force, and the NT Warrior series here (preferably with subbed versions included. Maybe sub-only on the undubbed seasons), but the latter, I’m unsure how they’d move, since BN is practically oldschool now. I know some box sets include bonuses as incentives, but I wonder what would work here. Copies of the GBA games that go with the corresponding seasons? :P They are a little tricky to find…

In the case of Star Force, though, I know I’d love to be able to get my hands on this, but the only place I’ve seen it is Toys n Joys, and besides a shaky reputation, I’m rather unlikely to spend forty bucks on any figure that doesn’t transform into a bigass truck, a starship, or a planet covered in guns. Something like that would make a swell pack-in, IMO.

–LBD “Nytetrayn”