Two things I love lately are Death Note, the anime specifically, and Rayman: Raving Rabbids. Well, sort of: I love the teasers and promos and such, but I’ve yet to play any of the actual games, much to my chagrin. Someday, though.

It’s a little old, but new to me, and surely to someone else, too. Here is a cut-up of the Raving Rabbids promos for the first game called “Bunnies Can’t Sing Death Note.”

For comparison, here is a link to the original second opening of the Death Note anime. Which always cracks me up to start, because while the video in itself is neat, to me, it just doesn’t fit the series and comes off more as some sort of weird fan-made AMV where they take something they like and the hardest music they know and match them, regardless of how well it fits.

Luckily, the visuals work with it, but at the same time, I don’t think it fits the series at all; it’s always struck me as a sort of low-key but dramatic, cerebral series. It’s like using something by System of a Down or something to promote a Chess match. Might work for something like Football or WWE, but not so much here.

But again, I don’t dislike it, but find it amusing at how much it simply does not fit the tone of the series, which strikes me as almost like a sort of art, like something you could take someone who knows not the first thing about anime or Japan or such things, sit them down, and have a reasonable chance they’ll be engaged like it was something out of Hollywood. It doesn’t seem to fit, and yet, in its own way, it works.

And if it provides moments like the one above, then I think we’re all a little better off for it.

–LBD “Nytetrayn”