Want. Want this so bad.

Just a tad out of my range for a shirt at the moment, but I do want this.

John Cena? I like him alright. He’s not my favorite, but he’s likable, I certainly don’t hate him. And I appreciate his appreciation of video games, especially the oldschool stuff. I’d post the pics I’ve seen where he was at a show wearing a Duck Hunt shirt and cap, but can’t seem to find it anywhere.

But I just love the throwback to the original NES-style boxart they have going on here, not to mention Pro Wrestling, which wasn’t that great a game, but was still memorable for its oddball characters and the fact that half your friends probably had a copy tucked alongside Kung Fu and some other games you’d never bother considering to try on your own if they didn’t have them.

What’s more, this shirt is better at getting that oldschool vibe across than half the other Nintendo shirts out there (though there are some obsecenely expensive ones I wouldn’t mind having). I swear, most of them I just would not really want to wear, and not because I’m ashamed of being a gamer; I have no shame there, you can ask around. But “Know Your Shrooms?” “I Did It for the Gold Coins?” “When In Mushroom Kingdom?” “How to Score a Princess?” Pass.

Some are alright, though, and a little Amazon browsing has shown there’s actually some good stuff to be found now.

So yeah, this is definitely on my “want” list. So’s plenty of other stuff, but at least this one I can more or less justify as it’s clothing.

Now, if we can get the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels on a variation of the Kung Fu box, that might just be too awesome for words. (If someone can make a convincing mock-up, I’d be glad to show it off here. Hell, I’d make a banner from it if allowed.)

–LBD “Nytetrayn”