Wow, really not sure how to go into this.

Tonight is perhaps the last regular night of the kind of updates that you might have come to expect from PoisonMushroom.Org. I’ve had to think on this the past week as for what to do, and taking on my new duties as of recent plus the nightly PMO updates… it’s a lot. And over the past while I’ve been doing this, I know that I’ve developed something of a reader/userbase, and the fear of betraying it has weighed heavily on my mind, though I always knew it might someday come to this.

As it stands, however, I need to cut back on my load, before I totally overkill myself. However, I’m not abandoning things entirely, no fear there.

The Daily ‘Shroom is probably going to be hit hardest by this. I’ll likely still cover the TransFormers and assorted stuff, but the video game news is going to see the biggest cut. For most of the news I’ll be reporting, I kindly invite you to check out, as lately there’s been a lot of linking from here to that, anyway.

As for Points of Interest, I hope to keep that up, though I’m not sure on how regular a basis. Semi-regular, at least, if not still daily. Maybe I can revive some other stuff like “Forwarded Fun” or “Tubin'” or “Wiki Wandering,” if anyone’s interested. Going to try and do some more original features as well. But the bulk of my focus is now on Kombo.

Also, there may be some other new stuff to keep checking back for as well. I’ll update on that as soon as the details are hammered out.

Sorry to dump this in everyone’s lap like this, but I had to consider this heavily, and it’s not a decision I’ve made lightly. But I figured I’d need to hit it cold turkey, and now just seemed like the best time.

So, going to try and move forward here in a way that best suits what I can do. Any thoughts, feelings… hey, the comment box is right there.


–David Oxford
aka LBD “Nytetrayn”