Sorry folks, no update tonight due to lack of sleep; I’ll try and get one done in the morning. But, it’s not all bad, at least for some, as this means that I get to specifically highlight one item I did promise I’d put up tonight.

Bryan “DarkMoogle” Carr and Geekspeak Army e-mailed me earlier to let me know that tomorrow, on September 25th, Geekspeak Radio is going to play host to the savior of humankind himself, the voice of Halo‘s Master Chief, Steve Downes in an exclusive interview that celebrates the release day of the third game of the trilogy.

They’ll be speaking to Steve about a number of things, including how he got the job, the inspiration for the character’s voice, his future with the series, and whether or not he’d want in on anything that Hollywood might yet do with the franchise.

All this, plus an exclusive confirmation of how Halo 3 ends!

The show will air at 9pm EST on Modern Rock 91.5 FM WMHW Mount Pleasant (for the Mid-Michigan area), with an online stream available on their website, with a podcast to follow later.

So, if you can tear yourself away from fragging, be sure to tune in and catch it!

–LBD “Nytetrayn”