Before I go for Otakon, I figured I’d leave with one last “Tubin'” with a TransFormers theme. The other day, I was looking for this post I’d made on LiveJournal to show someone, and I thought I had posted it here on PMO, but no sign of it at all leads me to believe that I was mistaken, and so here are damn near every Japanese TransFormers opening, from the beginning of season 1 all the way through the recently-received Beast Wars Returns, and a few extra bits thrown in for good measure.

Japanese TransFormers season 1 opening vs. US opening

Season 2, I can no longer find, sadly.

Season 3: 2010

Season 4: Headmasters

Season 5: Masterforce

Season 6: Victory, and its closing credits.

OVA: Zone(the one where that footage of Predaking being sliced in two with a brain in the middle comes from, and I think that the bit with Devastator destroying the WTC pre-9/11 might have been related, too.

…er… Beast… Wars…?(I never saw it til now. And I sort of wish it stayed that way. o.o;;)

Beast Wars Metals(at least my head’s not exploding now)

Beast Wars II(a fave opening)

Beast Wars II(2)

Beast Wars Neo

Beast Wars Neo(2)

Car Robots(another fave)

Micron Legend(1)

Micron Legend(2), the one I prefer personally.


Galaxy Force(1)

Galaxy Force(2)

Galaxy Force(3)

Galaxy Force(4)

Galaxy Force(5)

Beast Wars Returns, their version of Beast Machines. Or at least a teaser for it?

Added fun: Unicron’s Armada/ML transformation, set to his theme from the movie.

The destruction of the planet Cybertron(Seibertron in Japan).

Various footage to the Car Robots theme.

An Anime Music Video (AMV) starring Energon Optimus with Omega Supreme and Galvatron, included mostly for the nice handdrawn robots that Energon did on rare occassion.

Dr. Smoov presents: The Rude Awakening of Optimus Prime (WARNING, language, and plenty of it)

Also full of Smoov talk is Shockwave’s Burden, SOS Wheeljack, and Heavy Metal Fight.

And finally, a bit of Dark Awakening, probably the creepiest episode I remember as a kid, though the lackluster animation probably didn’t help much…


“No, it’s because the animators were sucking balls on their lunchbreak as they drew this ep.”

“…I like my excuse better.”

LBD “Nytetrayn”