It’s been awhile. If you want the personal details, visit my LiveJournal. I won’t clog up the front page with them here, but suffice to say that things aren’t really better, but stopping this didn’t really help, it probably made things worse.

A couple of big updates below. Sadly, I can’t go back and cover all the stories that I missed while away; unfortunately, besides taking forever, a lot of sites just aren’t well configured for some of that stuff.

However, if there’s something you think I ought to report on here, send me a link via the submission e-mail on the left there, and I’ll throw it in, no problem. It’s the hunting aspect I can’t really do right now.

And finally, as would be no surprise, visitor numbers have dropped. Please help reverse this fortune and let people know that PMO is BACK in the saddle again! That’s right, this Sheriff is ready to ride!

–LBD “Nytetrayn”

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    I would like to give this news a


    Welcome back.