I’m a Sonic fan, and I’m a Mario fan. So, like some people, the idea of longtime rivals Sonic and Mario having a crossover of some sort holds some appeal to me.

But only if it’s done well. (I refuse to say “right” because I feel that’s a more volatile and subjective term)

Some time ago, some Flash videos started popping up titled “Super Mario Bros. Z.” Despite the high ranking on Newgrounds, I thought it might be some cheesey tripe after seeing the start, but the series has impressed me with the way it’s handled the subject matter, as well as the fight choreography.

The story and parts are inspired by Dragon Ball Z, the Android Saga specifically, if you are familiar with it. But it doesn’t reek of copycatism.

Mario’s had a fanciful adventure world, full of conflict, but for the most part, things get resolved, and there’s a bit more humor to it than in Sonic.

Sonic has been fast-paced action, and has matured in its own way differently from Mario, with its own style of epic encounters, and a feeling like things are more on the line, with Sonic walking that line which seperates happily ever after from total disaster.

In this story, in one Sonic universe, that line is ultimately crossed, and it spreads over into Mario’s world.

Taking the old analogy of throwing a large rock into the center of a pond and watching the ripples, SMBZ takes 7 of those rocks and throws them right into Mario’s pond, and these are the ripples.

Anyway, I feel the characterization and portrayal of the worlds around them are pretty spot-on in this, and just wanted to share it in the hopes others here might enjoy it as much as I have.

It’s fairly tame, in that it’s not full of blood or semi-graphic death as many Mario/Sonic encounters are. But it definitely has some great action, excellent fights, and a nice dose of Mario-style humor to top it all off.

Super Mario Bros. Z episode 1

Super Mario Bros. Z episode 2

Super Mario Bros. Z episode 3

Super Mario Bros. Z episode 4

Super Mario Bros. Z episode 5

Plus, the fansite for it is here, if you’re interested.

–LBD “Nytetrayn”