American Dad tonight had an… interesting theme. One plot involved Steve and Roger and another kid, sort of paralleling spousal abuse in what I dubbed “Abuse Night on Fox,” thus named after this, and Stewie getting all kinky with Lois after she smacked him one.

The other plot involved Stan and Francine doing their damnedest to save Mr. Pibb, the Coca-Cola Company’s counter to Dr. Pepper, once they discover that the decision has been made to stop making Mr. Pibb.

I’m not sure if it was blatant product placement, as by the end the two find out it’s being replaced by Pibb Xtra, just as in real life. Or if it was just a convenient vehicle to deliver a subplot and a few laughs, along with a message. I’d bet on the former, though, as I’m sure a lot more people will be aware of, perhaps even curious of, Pibb Xtra now.

Naturally, this makes for an perfect sort of segue into another link to an article I’ve been meaning to post for a few days now.

Over on good ol’ X-Entertainment, Matt has returned to writing articles! Well, an article. It’s about dead sodas, a tribute to dearly-departed soft drinks.

Of the list, I enjoyed Crystal Pepsi, of which the picture presented there is SCARY. New Coke/Coke II, I never got to try, but Surge was a favorite, and has more or less returned in a new form known as pseudo-energy drink Vault.

Another not mentioned is Citra, which I later found out was rebranded as Fanta Citrus, which I’m not even sure is available here anyway, though maybe it’s part of the Fresca line now.

These days, I mostly just drink plain old Coca-Cola, though, or Pepsi. Easy to get ahold of, and will probably always be around. For some reason, and I find it’s often just me, I can taste distinct differences between the “healthier” varieties, at least of Coke. C2, Coke Zero… I can tell. I can tell, indeed. Hopefully, they’ll someday make a healthier alternative that’s indistinguishable to an experienced palate.

Whereas the rich have wines, I do appreciate different sodas accordingly. I feel sometimes that Pepsi goes better with a restaurant’s fare than Coke, and sometimes if I’m eating Subway, 7-Up is the beverage of choice.

–LBD “Nytetrayn”

  • neoendgame

    PEPSI BLUE!!!!!!

    Why did you have to remind me?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    I loved that stuff…..

  • BPM

    [high-fives NeoEndGame]
    Me, too, man. Me, too.

    I also miss Crystal Pepsi.

    Odd, though, as I don’t like regular Pepsi, but I liked those two off-shoots.
    I’m not fond of Coke, either. So, it’s not a “Coke vs. Pepsi” thing for me. I’m just not fond of cola.
    Though, I do like the Black Cherry Vanilla variant of Diet Coke.

    Heh… I never liked Mountain Dew, but I love Code Red, LiveWire, and Pitch Black.

    What is with me and soda off-shoots? Dunno.