What happens when you take an idea for a quick “Tubin'” update on the weekend, and you think of more to say about the subject than you even imagined, all while not even coming close to everything you could say about the subject?


Hope you find it entertaining. And no, there’s no Pokemon, because then the article might’ve been twice as long for links alone. Sorry, maybe next time.

And I realize it’s not really in any certain order, which is due to the fact it was meant to be a small front-page update.? I’ll probably fix that up later.

–LBD “Nytetrayn”

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    There’s the US intro for Sonic X (volume’s kinda low on it, though)

    Personally, I wasn’t fond of Sonic X (but I still respect your right to like it), I didn’t HATE it, and 4Kids had a good voice cast for it (except for the E-100 Series; I couldn’t stand those squeaky voices!), which, of course, became the game cast since Shadow the Hedgehog (with no prior notice to the previous cast…).
    Chris, I disliked greatly (until the last season). However, his family was pretty cool (yes, Chuck reminds me of Doc Brown, too.).
    And the Sonic universe characters behaved pretty much just like they do in-games.

    On an interesting side-note… I’ve noticed a couple of similarities between Sonic X and the American Sonic cartoons.
    First, Sonic is deadly afraid of water. Whereas in the games, he’ll go into water without problem (well, except he can’t breathe or swim). But in all the cartoons, he avoids water as much as possible (he nearly drowned in the first episode of Sonic X, until Chris saved him).
    Second, rings give Sonic an incredible amound of power. In the games, they just protect him from one hit, let him turn Super/Hyper Sonic with 50, and gain an extra live with multiples of 100. But in the cartoons, a single ring would make him far stronger and faster than before.

    Yeah, there’s a lot of openings for Pok?mon (PROTIP: type the “?” by Alt+0233!). For the 4Kids dub alone, I think there’s at least ten! (Kanto/Indigo League, Orange Islands, Johto Journey, Johto League Champions, Master Quest, Advance, Advance Challenge, Advance Battle, Battle Frontier, and Chronicles), and then there are the covers done for the movie soundtracks (at least, for the earlier movies, I can’t recall if the same is true for later movies).
    Then there’s the Japanese openings… And I think some other dubs have different openings, too. Sheesh, I think you could write at least a light novel analyzing JUST the Pok?mon openings!

    There’s another videogame based anime out there: Legend of the Mystical Ninja (Ganbare! Goemon in Japanese).

    Here’s the first opening in Japanese (the only difference between the English and Japanese tracks is Goemon’s speech and Ebisumaru’s heckling before the song are in English).

    Here’s the second opening.

    Personally, I liked the Goemon anime. But, that’s just me. I do have one gripe about it, which is the same gripe I have with a couple of other anime…

    What’s the deal with VG-based anime where the VG characters come to “the real world” then get stuck with a kid sidekick? This has happened to Sonic (Sonic X), Megaman (Megaman: Upon a Star), and Goemon (Legend of the Mystical Ninja). No, it doesn’t happen with all VG-based anime (Pok?mon, F-ZERO, and Kirby… which are all Nintendo properties… hmm…), but I never found this kind of storytelling appealing. I’d be much more interested in seeing the characters interact in their own worlds, than trying to adapt to ours.

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    Thanks, added in the US Sonic X opening.

    I too dislike how SEGA and 4Kids handled the prior cast, and with no cartoon to tie into, it makes you wonder what will happen now. I’ve heard rumors that after the current batch, 4Kids would be out of the picture. And frankly, can’t say I’d care for that development too much… consistency is nice, even if the circumstances that lead to it are unpleasant.

    As for Chris, won’t say he’s not annoying sometimes(I do like how HE was the one to get stuck with Big during SA, tho), but I’ve seen worse. TransFormers: Armada comes to mind. But as noted, my favorite is in the Metarex season where he actually pulls his weight. The odd almost-respect that develops between he and Eggman during that season was cool, too.

    For Sonic and water… I can’t remember the last time he went underwater, save for Adventure, where I think he’d die. Then again, I’ve not played past 2, sadly, except for the Heroes demo.

    As far as rings, well, as long as he has one, he can’t die by normal circumstances (enemy collision), so it sort of makes sense.

    Pokemon: I know how to do the “e,” but it sort of grinds momentum to a halt to stop for that. ;P I’ll add it in later, perhaps.

    For Legend of the Mystical Ninja, I don’t really know a thing about it; I mainly was after the stuff that aired on American TV, unless there was some small syndication deal there I missed. You could also say I wrote about what I knew about.

    If you’d like to contribute something I can plug into the article somewhere, feel free, and I’ll throw in a credit down at the bottom with my name.

    I totally agree on that last point, however. Or even a Captain N type scenario. It’s something that I dug about the last season of Sonic X… or would have, anyway. Since the second season ended with Sonic and crew back on Mo–er, “parallel Earth”(whatever), I had hoped to see more going on there.

    The ones you name are interesting, though. I’d say they kind of work the “Captain N” formula (if you will) into each of their own existing stories, but subtley.

    Kirby, there are the two kids, I forget their names. Let’s face it, Kirby there is cute, but dumb as a rock, and talks about as much, leaving them to be the essential protagonists that sort of aim Kirby at what they need beaten.

    Pokemon, Ash is pretty new to the whole Pokemon thing starting out, so he’s almost like a newcomer entering that world.

    F-Zero, you’ve got a modern day police officer/racecar driver thrust about a hundred-something years into the future, making him a total “n00b” to the whole F-Zero thing.

    Nothing wrong with the formula, particularly on those last two, as it helps keep the audience who may not have played the games from getting lost so easily.

    –LBD “Nytetrayn”

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    On Sonic:
    I can’t recall any underwater segments for Sonic in SA2, either.
    As for the voice cast… I understand recasting of one character: Robotnik, since his voice actor for SA, SA2, and Heroes (Deem Bristow) had died.

    On Mystical Ninja:
    Syndication, no. It’s on DVD by ADV Films, and I believe it has aired on the Anime Network, too (though, I’m not sure about this, since I don’t have the channel)

    On Kirby:
    The two kids are Tiff (the girl) and Tuff (the boy). What I recall hearing is that the anime takes place before the games do, which is why Kirby doesn’t talk much (he’s young) and why Meta-Knight is an ally (he was corrupted by Dark Matter later on).
    Though, I still feel the show would’ve been more appropriately titled “The Adventures of Tiff, Tuff, and King Dedede” as they got the most screentime.
    Still, the show still took place in Dream Land, which is what my point was about.

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    Indeed, Robotnik voice actors have an unfortunate habbit of dying. :(

    Mystical Ninja, if it’s a DVD-only thing, probably won’t include it, unless something is contributed; I know there’s plenty of game-based anime out there, but without mainstream exposure, it feels more like another article for another time, provided I ever get to research it.

    Thought that might be their names. “Adventures of King Dedede” wouldn’t bother me too much, as he’s rather amusing. As for the chronology, wasn’t one ep based on Kirby’s Air Ride?

    And yeah, I still got your point, just sort of a reverse-analysis went on there, I guess.

    –LBD “Nytetrayn”

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    I think the Air Ride episode(s) was more of a marketing ploy to advertise the game (it was out around the same time as the episodes aired in Japan, too, I believe).