In the year 2006, war was beginning.

But amidst the rumblings of the rise of a new generation of video game consoles, a group of fans were looking into gaming’s past as they hoped it might give rise to a new chapter in the future.

For the story of my pitched proposal to Capcom for a MegaMan Legends Collection and how it went down, check out my newest article.

And if you support the idea, or even MegaMan Legends itself, then please be sure to tell Capcom about it as well via the information provided at the bottom.

To make this miracle happen, all we need is a little support, and a lot of luck. It wouldn’t take much time or effort to make your voice heard, so what have you got to loseWeight Exercise?

And if you really support the idea, help spread the word to fellow gamers!? Let’s ALL tell Capcom what we want!

–LBD “Nytetrayn”

  • Delta

    I sent them an email. I hope they at least respond to it.

  • shane wofford

    i am currently 20 years old and i have been an active player of both mega man legends 1+2 and i sitting seriously waiting for botha mega man legends collection pack and mega man legends 3 and i don’t care if it takes 50 years to get it.

  • Brandon

    I remember when mega man legends first came out. I was only four years old. I love that game so much and i Played the sequal but the cliffhanger pissed the hell outta me. I support this and i support a third game. The storyline and gameplay of these games were the best of their time, no matter how crappy other mega man games are.