Inspired by Matt’s list over at Press The Buttons, I too elected to put together my own PMO 2006 Gift Guide.

I’d have had it up sooner, but then I got a job, so that and the regular site updates helped keep me away. Truth is, the items were pretty much done, I just wanted to add descriptions, which I hope for the most part will be amusing to read, whether you buy anything or not. I’ll try and continue to add to the descriptions as time goes on.

Sadly, it’s just shy of the 13th now, and Christmas isn’t getting any further away, so I’ve decided that it was in the best interest to put up what I’ve got here.

It is basically a list of items I’d recommend to people, either based on personal experience or reputation. It covers games, DVDs, books, toys, and even some clothing.

Hope it helps, and hope that people shopping through Amazon will use links from my page here to get there, as that would really help me out.


–LBD “Nytetrayn”