So found out from AF’s thenekomancer that Pauly Shore is the latest celebrity to run afoul of the public.

He was doing a stand-up routine, and the crowd was being a bit unruly, and one guy got up on stage, and after being egged-on by the audience, proceeded to punch Pauly Shore, knocking him flat on his ass (to perhaps a greater ovation than Shore was getting).

Then security dragged the guy offstage. Then security dragged the guy offstage.

Pretty sorry security if you ask me. Try that at a WWE show, you aren’t getting much further than the barricade before the security and everyone in the ring drop what they’re doing to throw your ass out in what’s probably not the most pleasant of ways.

At least he wasn’t talking about blacks or Jews or robots or rodeo clowns or whatever. Oh, but he did play the redneck card. Though I think that wasn’t until after the fact, and not without good reason by that point.

Can’t really blame Shore for this one, seems the crowd was acting rather poorly. I’d probably have left, too. Hell, he probably gets his check either way.

This does remind me of when I worked at Blockbuster, and someone returned a copy of Pauly Shore Is Dead (decent for a Shore film, worth a rental with some friends. Split the dollar a few ways.) with a note enclosed, talking about how the movie is the worst thing to have ever been wrought upon this Earth, and how we should assemble a bonfire outside of our store so that we could burn it, and so on.

He might have been in the minority, though, as our single copy was a pretty consistent rental.

–LBD “Nytetrayn”