Just poured a small glass of Coke, as I’m waiting for my Crystal Light to chill.

On the label, it boasts a chance of winning a PS3. “1 prize a day.” It makes me wonder how many of the 400K went into contests like this.

Or maybe just one of the prizes is a PS3, and they have other, lesser prizes.

Can you imagine if those other prizes were things like… let’s see… PS3 games?

“Sorry, you didn’t win the grand prize, but here, have this runner-up prize instead.”

“Oh, gee, thanks, now if only I had a couple of grand to GET SOMETHING TO PLAY IT ON.”

I always thought it was funny that Sony would go with Coke, and Nintendo usually with Pepsi. Just seems to me like it’d be the other way around.

Of course, the original purpose of the latter back in the day was because Pepsi was targetting a more youth-oriented market, which is of course what Nintendo was after, so.

Can’t help but wonder what I’d do if I won a PS3. Keep it? I do lack a PS2, so it wouldn’t necessarily be a bad idea…

Auction it off? Probably pull in a decent chunk of change.

Trade it in and get a 360? There’s a thought, probably get a bit of change back there, too.

Of course, I could do that with the profits from the auction, and have more change left over. So I guess trading-in is low on the list.

As for the profits, well, it is Christmastime, it’d be nice to use that kind of scratch for presents and stuff. Lord knows, it’s not like I don’t owe people. Guess I’d take care of that first…

–LBD “Nytetrayn”