Been thinking about the direction for PMO lately, and where best to focus my energies.

The main reason I made it was that I had this pretty decent gimmick going on my LJ with a lot of links to various news stories, interesting things, whatever. Besides some people being irritated by my posts(some to the point of removing me), I thought I might be able to fare well enough on a website.

Since E3, things have dulled a bit, news-wise. Rockstar’s in trouble, Cracker Jack’s an asshole, and the Wii and PS3 are coming out soon. And then there’s a lot of other stuff which largely doesn’t interest me(and the above stuff only in select cases).

I go to a site like Go Nintendo, and while there is some neat stuff, so much of it makes me wonder why I bother. Oh, look, a Wii ad in Swahili depicting the remote. Yawn.

Anyway, as I said, trying to decide where to focus my energies. I’ve been doing more original stuff lately, and one person’s even said that they’d give up the news for more stuff of that caliber, and it did get me to thinking.

Ultimately, those of you who actually visit the site, what do you like? What don’t you care about? What do you want to see more of? I get a fair number of hits, but I’m not really able to determine for what, precisely. My LJ was a good place to get people replying to certain topics and discussing them, but that has really dropped off at PMO, even from what the site used to see for replies.

I’ve thought of dumping general news, and focusing more on Points of Interest(which would probably take the “Daily ‘Shroom” name), and perhaps just adding the real breaking stuff in there, or even go back to combining the two. Or give a story its own post and my thoughts, but less of them(and typically if I’ve something to add). While news has largely become a matter of running through the motions for me(at least, that’s what it feels like), and it’s the content with the least longevity on the site(a good interview or story is good forever, in most cases. But would you really care about Bully‘s kissing boys in a few years?), if I know people like it and want it, that’s enough for me to keep going.

And Tubin’ and Forwarded Fun would stay as well, plus original content.

So basically, this is an informal survey to figure out where I should go. Please, don’t hesitate to reply, even if you’re good with everything. I really need to know here.

I’ll probably see how replies go, and make my decision either by this time next week or when interest in the subject dies down, whichever.

The Daily ‘Shroom and Points of Interest will go up later today.

LBD “Nytetrayn”

  • MattG

    What keeps me coming back here daily are the Daily Shroom bits. You dig through all the junk each day and post up the neat stuff buried amongst the crap.

  • LBD Nytetrayn

    Awesome, such is my goal and initial purpose in doing so.

    LBD “Nytetrayn”

  • Mags

    Honestly, I like a little bit of everything you’ve got here. Not all of the news is personally interesting to me, but you usually have at least one or two points that I find fascinating, and your original pieces present some interesting viewpoints.

    If anything, I’d reccomend being a little more adventurous. Post something controversial or that you personally feel strongly about. The articles are nice, but a lot of the time they seem to mostly be history lessons- try taking a unique point of view on something current and rattle a few cages. You might get some angry comments, but you will get more comments, and it’ll make people want to come back and see what you’ll have to say next.

  • Delta

    Ooh! I always like controversy. Not a bad idea at all.

  • thorgot

    Same as MattG.

  • LBD Nytetrayn

    Controversy is already in the works. Just need to get to writing it down.

    I thought maybe the SMB2 thing would just be dipping my toe in that water just slightly, as it’s typically regarded as the least-favorite Mario game for many, and yet it’s essentially responsible for a lot of the conventions we see today.

    But I do have one piece coming up that I think may actually generate some hate mail. Either that, or it’ll show just how smooth a talker I can be.

    LBD “Nytetrayn”

  • Sonic Tengu Man

    I love the Points of Interest and News bits. I actually come here every night and flip through the posts for todays notable articles, and this comes in useful since I post news at a forum. I also like the YouTubin’ bits.

    You got a pretty good site going here, Nyte.