Two small bits of game-related bitching.

1) Why is it that in Animal Crossing for the GameCube, it seems that having a bed doesn’t really matter at all, but in Animal Crossing: Wild World, every single person who visits makes a point to bitch that you don’t have a bed, even though there’s an actual dedicated BEDROOM, WITH a bed right upstairs? What use do you have for a bed elsewhere?

Kind of annoying they only judge you based on one room. I do happen to have a Mush Bed stowed away in my Mush Room (my room full of the Mush Furniture I got at the Acorn Festival).

2) Since Zelda went 3-D, I’ve had one chief complaint: I absolutely HATE the whole process of taking items out/putting them away. In the 2-D games, even newer stuff, you push a button that’s assigned to it, and it works.

It’s annoying as piss to me that if I’ve just had to use an item for some reason or another, and then I come under attack, that I practically have to put the item away and get out another/my sword. Or if you’re under attack after entering a room and hit your Z-Targeting, but forgot to draw your sword from the time you left the last room to after you entered the new room. Guess what? Jump attack is suddenly out until you disable the targeting/lower your shield.

In 2-D, you assign your boomerang or lantern to a button.? When in action, you press the button, and the item is used.? You can even use your sword as well in the case of the former while it’s flying away.

In 3-D, you assign it to a button, and when you need to use it, you press the button to draw it out, then the button to use it again.? And when you’re finished or need to fend off with the sword, you have to put the item away by pressing the button once more.

It’s nothing game breaking, and not entirely as bad as I make it sound, but it’s not much an exageration, either. But it can get frustrating to have to manage inventory in real-time in the middle of battle, and it disrupts your momentum rather nicely as well.

–LBD “Nytetrayn”