Or so the section says. Unfortunately, I’m not sure what sorts of stuff to fill that part of my page with. I definitely plan to keep my “Special Thanks” part, but the rest…

I have to wonder if maybe some sort of FAQ or something would be in order. Be more like a QAAAA(Questions Anyone Asked At All) section, but regardless.

This is sort of new territory for me, so what kind of stuff should I include within?

LBD “Nytetrayn”

  • http://www.pressthebuttons.com MattG

    Well, first of all I think the page needs a massive tribute to me and my greatness, but then again I think every site should have that.

    But seriously, how about links to those 1Up articles you mentioned? Or anything else game-related that you’ve written? I keep a running portfolio of my work at my “About” page on PTB and I’ve found it to be great at not only keeping my work handy for my own purposes, but for pointing folks to non-PTB content that I’ve written.

  • http://poisonmushroom.megamanempire.net/wp LBD Nytetrayn

    You mean my wife’s 1up articles? Or the stuff I wrote that evidently was rejected? It’s pretty much just one piece I have thrown in an archive here. Not much else off-site for writing, except for that interview with Spaz…

    –LBD “Nytetrayn”