Been finding some fun stuff on YouTube, and decided to share in its own post.

  1. Tom Wilson(Biff from Back To The Future) is a pretty funny guy, and does some standup performances.Here, we have him singing about the questions he always hears.Here’s another funny bit, if you liked the first.
  2. Vicious at The Allspark linked to an amusing piece that looks at what it would be like if George Lucas directed Lord of the Rings.Perish the thought.
  3. Forget Alien Versus Predator. Screw Freddy Versus Jason.DJ Soundwave posted a video of the Versus movie I’d love to see:Robocop Versus The Terminator.

    It mixes some footage from the two movies into a fairly convincing fight scene.

    This is what I’d want in a Versus movie.

    And the last scene? Is what I’d want for a sequel.

  4. I’ve mentioned them before, I figure it’s a good time to mention them again: the clips of the Super Mario Bros. anime from Japan! It was released in the 80s, and is incredibly hard to find.I do wish someone would make an effort to make a dub and sell it in America.Opening

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Bowser & Peach

    “I Love You” clip

    Ride to Koopa’s castle

  5. The fight you’ve all been waiting for… Godzilla vs. Godzilla!
  6. This is something to educate the ladies, and remind the gents: Male Restroom Etiquette.
  7. This is neat, in a cheesey sort of way.Captain America kicks some butt to the tune of the Team America theme. You know the one.
  8. Dr. Smoov sure knows how to do TransFormers. In case you missed them the first time, here are Shockwave’s Burden and The Rude Awakening of Optimus Prime, plus SOS Wheeljack.You need to be logged in to view them, unless you go to Smoov’s MySpace account. Language aplenty.
  9. Mario sees some of the weirdest stuff.Like this hack on the Commodore 64.
  10. Or this video, which I lovingly call Mario Goes To Hell.And for more glitchyness, a glitch or something I’ve never even heard of allows this player to explore all manner of crazy worlds.Not to mention the crazy minus world that Japan got.
  11. Speaking of Hell, some may not know this, but the Super Mario Bros. 2 America got was not the same as what Japan got.In Japan, they had a sort of continuation of the first game that was “For Super Players,” the hard-as-Hell game that was released here years later as The Lost Levels.The very original version of that title is quite elusive, and so few people have seen the 8-bit version, which is more different from the first title than the matching graphics of the 16-bit version would have you believe.

    So with that, you’re in for a double treat: a speedrun of the FDS Super Mario Bros. 2. It even has the different ending with slightly remixed music, and a much more attractive Peach sprite than the first game carried.

    And if you want it, there’s even a speedrun of worlds A-1 to D-4 as well, but no second ending. But listen to the music at D-4… kind of a downer, huh?

  12. So, where did our Super Mario Bros. 2 come from then, you ask?From another Famicom Disk System game known as Doki Doki Panic. It’s also hard to find a playable version of this one, and it’s actually quite different from what we got as SMB2. Graphically and musically, it seems overall lower-budget than the version we got, which essentially helped make the Mario universe into what we know it today.But if you’d like to see a speedrun of Doki Doki Panic to compare, then today is your lucky day. Just beware of the seizure-inducing waterfalls.

    Sadly, no ending is available here, as you have to beat the game with all four characters to receive it, another change made between countries, and one for the better, if you ask me.

LBD “Nytetrayn”

  • Splashman

    9: HAAAHHH! You’d never guess that this was my very first Mario experience, together with Donkey Kong C64 and G&W! Years later I’ve learned that it was in fact a hack of Rainbow Arts’ Giana Sisters, a game that caused them to be called into court with Nintendo.
    Actually I still own the disk with GS-SMB.

  • LBD Nytetrayn

    Heh, nice. I wonder how much something like that would fetch…

    LBD “Nytetrayn”

  • Splashman

    Um, nothing, because it’s just a copy of a pirate hack that you can easily get as ROM todays (or ‘disk image’ if you’re picky about the term). I don’t think pirate computer disks ever get sold as collectables.

  • LBD Nytetrayn

    Oh, it’s a pirate? I thought maybe it was just something released back then as a fake “official” product.

    LBD “Nytetrayn”

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