Coding the thing is a bitch, no thanks to WordPress among other things, but I’ve got my latest, titled “Too Detailed, Or Not To Detail?”(witty, huh?) up and ready to read.

Basically, it’s something of an overview of the amount of detail that old “mascot”(it’s kind of a loose term these days) game characters had versus newer ones, as well as how older ones have adapted to the times. Hope that you find it worth your time if you read it.

And feel free to discuss it below.

LBD “Nytetrayn”

  • egg

    See that’s what is lame about Smash Bros. It’s not a serious game and it mixes serious and non-serious styles. It’s weightless and obnoxious. It’s funny that despite having characters like Kirby and Ness, they made Mario more detailed. Only reason to do that is that there was simply no reason not to — Smash Bros was never intended to make sense and it was not a “canon” rendition of Mario so to speak. Make the princess in a more elaborate dress… honestly, that detail was barely even meaningful given the type of game it was.

    Mario Sunshine and others defined the official look of Mario. And it’s a pretty good look. Actually, thinking about it, it might be great to have richer colors and detail in a Mario game. As it is, it’s too fluffy and squishy and bright. Maybe. No, probably not. You don’t need realistic textures to carry an atmosphere or to have engaging gameplay, which are the two things the franchise is lacking. (speaking of atmosphere, didn’t Luigi’s Mansion have some nice grafix?)

    The main thing about Sunshine was the setting. The bright sunlight, brightly colored environments, and rainbow paint everywhere… bleh. To top it all off, some of the town environments had that weird effect where the sun was dimmed by Bowser’s magic. I can see the purpose of it but it probably wasn’t well thought out, because it obviously looks weird.

    Link has had multiple styles, thing is, I think they are all very good styles.

    The best way? Depends on the character. There’s nothing even wrong with multiple styles, given that all of the styles are cool as is the case with Zelda.

    And an aside: Sonic rules so hard.