Capcom USA continues to act in a most curious manner as the release date for their next Mega Man title, Mega Man ZX.

However, the title is not being completely ignored as Capcom has put together a Mega Man ZX web page to promote the game. Unfortunately, it lacks much of the splendor that Capcom of Japan’s sites hold, as seems to be the norm for most of Capcom’s game pages on this side of the Pacific.

Further piquing our curiousity is the fact that– as far as one can tell– there is no link to this page from Capcom USA’s website, but rather, the link was found through a banner advertisement on Nintendo of America’s website.

And as Jaxel had noted before, Capcom does not seem to be taking pre-orders for this game, either, not even through the official webpage.

One can only now speculate as to why Capcom is releasing a game, but not selling it, why they created a web page, only to not link to it.

It is a most curious phenomenon indeed.

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