…well, sorta. Maybe, maybe not exactly.

IGN reports that Capcom and Games Arena(a subsidiary of Japanese communications company Dwango) will be creating a subsidiary called Daletto Co., with Capcom holding a majority interest.

With Mega Man and Dead Rising creator Keiji Inafune as president, Daletto will begin in October to manage amusement portal sites, which will cover all areas of online entertainment, from management of online titles to web-based sales, as well as avatar character development and sales.

It is expected that certain titles from Capcom’s list of franchises will be pulled for the service’s use.

Naturally, of greater concern to some may be where the Mega Man/Rockman franchise may go from here. Some feel that the games suffer without Inafune’s personal involvement, even though it seems the amount of his direct involvement in the games has been in decline over the recent years as he has continued to see promotions through Capcom, with some titles even being published by other teams and companies such as Inti Creates and Arika.

With his new duties as the president of Daletto, one can only wonder what will become of his involvement in the development of new Capcom titles.

In any event, congratulations to Mr. Inafune for his prestigious advancement, and may he find great success in this new venture.

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