Oh, way to go, Capcom.

Remember that issue of Dead Rising not working with standard-definition TVs?

Well, according to Game|Life, it seems that even though the suggestions Capcom offered to help fix the problem were not particularly helpful, they have no plans to release a patch, largely due to what is cited as the “impracticality” of it, due to the high amount of text.

Kohler suggests that with Capcom’s track record, it’s not unfeasible to imagine a “Director’s Cut” eventually being released that addresses the problem. And while on the surface, that may sound like a good idea, one has to wonder if, in this world of no-refunds-or-exchanges game retail, consumers may have to buy the same game twice to play it. I’m sure there may be some leniency at a retailer’s discretion, but at the same time, some can be pretty strict on their “same title only” policies.

Perhaps Capcom ought to look into making a second disc that has a patch that they can make available to consumers who bought the game. But as I’ve said before, Capcom started off the year with a bang, and it’s unfortunate that things seem like they’re unraveling a bit towards the end with questionable decisions.

Even worse is that as noted, they’re increasing the advertising push for the game, which could very well mean that even MORE customers wind up duped by this.

LBD “Nytetrayn”

  • egg

    “Perhaps Capcom ought to look into making a second disc that has a patch that they can make available to consumers who bought the game.”

    How is that any different than releasing a patch online?

  • http://poisonmushroom.megamanempire.net/wp LBD Nytetrayn

    The impression I had from reading that was that a patch would be too big to download. Of course, with things like Halo 2 maps and Ninja Gaiden stuff available for the first XBox online, I don’t know.

    What I do know is that they could no doubt stand to be doing better than this. But then, it’s Capcom.

    LBD “Nytetrayn”

  • egg

    Yea. When they say it wouldn’t be practical, I’m sure what they just me is ‘now that would require a significant amount of effort on our part, wouldn’t it?’

    btw what was the problem again? Was it that the game works fine, except the text is too small to read clearly?

  • http://poisonmushroom.megamanempire.net/wp LBD Nytetrayn

    That’s my understanding of the problem, though I’ve heard King Kong was unplayable on SD.

    LBD “Nytetrayn”

  • egg

    And despite this I still hear of a lot of people enjoying Dead Rising, so hmm…

    And maybe the problem is not such a big deal besides the small text.

    Even Project Gotham Racing 3 has small text, after all, and so does Perfect Dark Zero’s online HUD. But it’s not a problem in those because story/missions are not explained, just game stats, and in the case of PGR3, certain menus and car bio’s.

    Thing is, though, Project Gotham Racing 3 has awful graphics on my SDTV. Yet it’s not in fixed widescreen, plus I never heard any complaints about the game’s graphics.

    So just what is going on here… Bottom line though, Perfect Dark and Ridge Racer look great, Project Gotham 3 is botched, and I’ll find out more as I get more games. Because beyond that, I’m just going by these reports and anonymous opinions.

  • MHYoshimitzu

    Late comment by me, but just having purchased the game the other day, I think I can commment on it.

    It’s annoying, to be sure, but lucky for me, I seem to be getting an HD-TV for Christmas (my Dad’s girlfriend is planning on buying one for him and us) so I may be able to play the game then with little difficulty.