Animal Crossing for the GameCube is interesting, especially after having played so much of Wild World on the DS. You can definitely see where some improvements were made, and other things you might wish they’d have kept.

On the Cube’s title screen, it seems to show random characters going around a premade setting, while the DS version shows the characters from your town, in your town, moving around in the current weather conditions and such. Sort of a real-time title screen, actually.

On the DS, everyone shares a house. On the Cube, there are four houses in a lot, so each player has their own place. I think I prefer the latter somewhat.

On the DS, there’s this odd scrolling that makes the whole townscape feel like it’s wrapped around a small globe of some kind, and most of the land is pretty much even otherwise. On the Cube, there are various dips and valleys and things of the sort, and instead of one massive screen, there are sectors that cover areas, and the screen scrolls much like Zelda, but with some lenience(so if an item falls at the edge and you scroll the screen, it’s not moved to the last one).

Overall, the Cube one feels much bigger.

Interestingly, I figure as a result of this, the animals don’t seem to travel far. Most hang around home. Meanwhile, on the DS, the other animals can go damn near anywhere.

Also interesting on the Cube is that you can go into any house at any time, even if the animals are not home.

On the DS, everything is set pretty much flush with the screen, doors facing down, while on the Cube, there are some diagonal angles.

On the DS version, most errands consist of delivering something to someone. This is in the Cube version as well, but in addition, you’ll also be asked to retrieve items from others, and sometimes the person who’s supposed to have it might have loaned it to someone else!

Also, you can proactively ask characters if they have something that needs to be done, while on the DS, they’ll ask you by chance when you speak with them. Unfortunately, this can lead to some repetitive tasks in the Cube version, making you wonder just how many glasses cases a person needs.

Unfortunately, the majority of the payments I receive are stationary. Which isn’t worth much at Tom Nook’s, either. It’s rather aggravating. MAYBE on the DS I’d use it, but there is no way I’m writing that many letter using the archaic cursor-based typing found on the Cube.

In the homestead, you can keep more than one dresser/closet/whatever with different items, but can only keep three items per unit. Ultimately, the DS version probably wins out with just one collective cabinet with 6 different drawers, though it’s easy to run out there, too.

A lamp isn’t required, as the Z button on the Cube turns the lights on and off, unlike the DS version.

I love the Gyroid assistant that sits outside the house. He can hold items to give, display, or sell, save your game, hold messages, and other things. Sadly, the only way to save is through him; no bedroom in this one.

Unlike the DS version, the Cube version has Nintendo games you can play, and other neat features. Sadly, I’m not far enough along for those yet.

But the worst thing about the Cube version?

That STUPID HAT. I’m sorry, I hate it. I much prefer the DS version where you can pick other hats or just your own hair.

Anyway, if you cut your teeth on Animal Crossing Wild World on the DS, like it, and would like to play something sequel/prequel-ish in that “same but different” sense, give the Cube version a try.

LBD “Nytetrayn”