Holiest of Hells, they’re doing things with Garfield now that I haven’t seen in a LONG time…

A story arc. With PERSPECTIVE shots.

Make a note in your calendars, folks, it all started here:

From their front page:

“Garfield’s Life Changes Forever!

Read the Garfield comic strip and follow the unbelievable chain of events that unfold between now and July 28th!

Read Jon Arbuckle’s Daily Horoscope every day for hints.

“I’m doomed!” says Garfield…”

I hope this means good things in the future for Garfield

All the happy at once!

I do have a prediction for what’s going to happen, though.

I think Jon and Liz are going to get together, reflecting the status they seem to share in the movies. Similar to how other comics(usually comic books) adopt things from other media for the original medium. Spider-man gaining organic webshooters after the movies, for a recent example.

LBD “Nytetrayn”