I liked this one so much, I decided to give it its own space.

Next-Generation takes a look at CULTURE: Mascots and Messages: “Whatever happened to the videogame mascot? Here, Eric-Jon R?ssel Waugh uses Sonic the Hedgehog as a prime example of the good and not-so-good sides of mascotdom.”

“The problem wasn’t really Shadow, or his game ? even the concept behind it, for what it was worth. Heck, people didn’t even have to play it to dismiss it. The problem was that it didn’t seem like Sega knew what the hell it was doing anymore. The most fascinating thing about Shadow the Hedgehog is that Sega had once seemed so in touch with… everything, really: with itself, with its audience, with the market. Back when Tom Kalinske was in charge, Sega could practically dictate what was cool.

With Shadow Sega seemed to show ? right or wrong ? that the only trick it had left was to cling to its old icons, and try to spin them according to perceived market trends. It brought up images of Donald Duck wearing gold chains, speaking like Dr. Dre, and flashing a piece around. Just, what?”

Excellent piece, all-around. And it sort of makes me think Shadow might actually be a better mascot for SEGA these days… not saying a better character or a better game, just a better mascot. ;P

And now, let the bitchrants… begin!

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