In the recently-release September 2006 issue of Nintendo Power, there is a cover story titled “A New Man” about the upcoming Mega Man ZX which reveals a few tidbits regarding the English release of the game, as well as features and art from the game in general.

First things first, as the title implies, the R.O.C.K. system has indeed been changed, as many have expected, to M.E.G.A., or “Meta-Encapsulated Granule Awareness” system. Though so far, while there doesn’t seem to be an official localization for “R.O.C.K. On” yet, Nintendo Power refers to the process as “megamorphing,” though we’re sure that’s more of a fill-in term than an official one.

In covering the Metroid-esque exploration elements of the game, the article reveals the term for the Force/Falseroids in the English localization as “Pseudoroids.” Additionally, “Girouette” has been shortened to the simpler “Giro.”

Besides a look at all of the main forms our heroes can acquire, NP also has “Robot Master,” an interview with Mega Man ZX producer Takeshi Horinouchi, including where he first began work with Mega Man, inspiration for the ZX series, its place in continuity(after Zero, but independent of it), continuation of the Zero series(no plans at the time), and many other things.

One particular point of interest, however, is the following:

NP: Which main character do you prefer playing as?

TH: Personally, I suggest playing through as Vent, then again as Aile. Aile’s story gets closer to the core. Plus, Aile’s storyline is a bit tougher than Vent’s.

So for those wondering if there was any difference between the two, wonder no more.

In addition to the ZX feature, they also take a brief look at Capcom of Japan’s 20th anniversary Rockman website.

If you would like your own copy of this issue, it should be available on newsstands soon, or you can register three Nintendo products at as a My Nintendo member(sign-up is free), and get three free issues, after which you can opt for a year’s subscription for only $12. Can’t beat that.