Reading about cuts and things in games, and looking at stuff on YouTube… a thought occured to me.

There’s all this talk about the potential for new content to be downloaded online with the next generation of systems. New cars, new weapons, new maps…

Is it possible that there’s one thing no one’s mentioned, that could be possible?

I wonder if developers have thought about allowing the download of “uncensored” versions of games?

For example, I read that humans bled in the Japanese Shadow the Hedgehog game, and that the aliens had red blood switched to green.

(and for the record, this is JUST an example, nevermind quality or opinions of the game. That’s irrelevant to the topic. I just happened to be reading stuff about all the Sonic games, so.)

Suppose then that you could somehow “buy” the original content?

I mean, I’m sure many people would be upset at having to “buy” what should already be there, but compared to not having it at all? I figure it’s not unlike buying an uncut version of a movie, except in a format I think developers might be more willing to consider.

Who knows, maybe it could even be a way for purists to get the original Japanese text or voices in games, without having to mod?

I think there’s pretty good potential there…

LBD “Nytetrayn”