Sony says that the XBox 360 is a “transitional product,” while the PS3 is made to last “for many years to come.”

This intrigues me. Does this mean to imply that whereas the 360 will be obsolete in roughly five years, that the PS3 will still be Sony’s entry into the console gaming market?

I would most certainly be impressed if that were to be true, and would concede that it might be worth the money for that long-term an investment.

On the other hand, I don’t have quotes, but I thought they said something similar about the lifetime of the PS2; someone in the replies to the article cited some quote they had about the PS2 being like “plugging into the Matrix,” and how they’re still waiting on that one.

On a different note, I was looking at the ad for Street Fighter Alpha Anthology that appeared on one of the 1UP pages, showing a fireball cross by, Ryu jumping down, and Ken kicking him.

…but is it me, or aren’t those the SF3 versions of the characters? ?_O`

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