Gamespot’s got a neat little piece up, their readers’ top 10 NES games.

Sad thing is, I’m betting I could probably name a good few games, and they’d be on the list.

Zelda. Metroid. Super Mario. Tetris perhaps. Contra, Ninja Gaiden, Double Dragon, Castlevania, Mega Man 2(for the record, I’ve not yet read the article. I’ll see how close I got in a moment).

I’d like to see something that disqualifies the “no-brainers.”

So here’s the call for my Friends List here.

What games do you have really fond memories of or really enjoyed from back in the day? SNES and other stuff is good, too. Only rule is, it can’t be some sort of blockbuster franchise everyone is going to immediately know and probably have played.

Jaws, Rambo, Rush N’ Attack, Milon’s Secret Castle, Faxanadu, Wizards & Warriors. Things like that.

Granted, 1UP did pay some homage to such titles in a segment that’s no longer updated.

But yeah, what are some games that you might never have heard of otherwise, but only got exposure to because you or a friend couldn’t find something better to rent, or someone else you knew happened to have it, or maybe you were shopping at a Sky City department store and their selection was stagnant, so you just picked something(no regrets for Wizards & Warriors there, though my dad got that one).

Addendum: Reading now… I got about 7 out of 10, and I only chose 9 arbitrarily. Had I tried, I probably could’ve gotten no less than 8(I’m counting Super Mario for both 1 and 3, btw).

Oh, and when you’re done, their little web of stories has their editors’ picks and an NES flashback, interviewing a game counselor and PR Director. Oh, and it seems they heard me before I complained. Nice, but still, took me awhile to find…

LBD “Nytetrayn”