Sure, it’s kinda juveneille, but I found this funny:

Drez wrote: So, apparently I’ve been sleeping on my PSP for days. Not directly. I was sleeping on my bed, and my PSP was under the wooden front of it. So there was…well a lot of pressure on it, even when I wasn’t sleeping there.

So now when I turn it on, it looks like the Aurora Borealis running diagonally across my screen. Additionally, the top right corner is completely blank. I can see graphics properly in a very small section on the lower left.

Is it toast?

LewieP wrote: Try phoning nintendo’s customer service, they might give you a replacement DS

Caedere wrote: I heard Nintendo’s Customer service is awesome if you need a replacement for your DS there.

Mr. Picolinni wrote: My friend once called Nintendo customer service about replacing his broken DS, and they sent him two new units. Maybe you could get the same deal.

…and so on. Yeah, don’t worry, some people answered serious, but…

…you have to admit, that was one hell of a replacement for Mr. Picolinni’s friend there…

LBD “Nytetrayn”