So, a couple of weeks ago, I brought up here the news of a new Scooby-Doo cartoon that involved a transforming Mystery Machine and nanotech Scooby.

Well, it sorta came up again in #megaman-network, when we were discussing anime and how it gets cut here and stuff:

Black_Draco:Know what’d be great? If there were some sort of cable network that specialized in animation, away from regular network tv standards and practices… a “cartoon network,” if you will, and they had a late-night slot that showed all this stuff uncut and—aah, it’d never work.
DrakeRunner: You say that now BD
DrakeRunner: But remember
John: XD
DrakeRunner: Cartoon Network was started so they could air Scooby Doo even more
Black_Draco: I thought they did that because it made up a chunk of their library and it pulled in ratings.
Black_Draco: They need to totally scrap that new Scooby toon, and get Kevin Smith to write a new one for Adult Swim.

Love that scene. Closer to what was originally envisioned, too, if memory serves. Something about Scooby not really talking, but stoner Shaggy being the only one that could hear/understand him.

They should add Clerks: The Animated Series to the lineup as well, maybe that would reinvigorate it.

LBD “Nytetrayn”