Yeah, I’m stoked.

Gives me a reason to look at another next-gen besides the Wii, anyway. Though with money being what it is, I’m not sure if that’s good or bad, but I shan’t complain. That is the nature of the business, and I’ve known this for years now, like it or not.

I can only hope that the slightly rumbled-about Wii-exclusive Sonic title may be an enticing.

To address my comrade [info]storm_wolfe‘s critique about what we’ve seen:

– Photorealism. I think Sonic himself might be an indication that things will be just this side of photo-realistic; thinking in terms of say, Shrek(the movies) where things have a realistic level of detail, but at the same time retain a cartoon feel, at least in the characters.

But it comes as no surprise to me, not only with the initial trailer, but Sonic has essentially been moving in this sort of graphical direction since Sonic Adventure.

All the same, I would sort of like to see them make a cel-shaded game. It’s sort of weird that Sonic seems chiefly regarded as something of an anime, or simply a cartoon character, but the games haven’t really evoked the pen-and-ink feel in years, save for the GBA.

Then again, even the Genesis games didn’t accentuate much in the way of black outlines, did they? I suppose it’s a clash between game developers’ direction and other media.

– The setting for the opening level. Was that the opening level? Might’ve missed that part. Regardless of where it comes, I can see that leaving a bad taste in someone’s mouth. Perhaps it’s the same city? On the upside, at least it doesn’t look so dated now. The star-springs make an interesting contrast, to be sure… I personally think more of that kind of thing around might make it feel a tad more Sonic, and a bit less generic. As it is, it feels almost more like obligatory “this is still Sonic” fanservice…

The castle level pic shown in the preview does look neat to me. Reminds me of the modern equivalent of those old ruins and such that would be spread throughout the Genesis titles.

And the last shot, over nature, combined with the first preview, I’ve got hope. That they’re not going to try and give us the combined might of the Chaotix Team Freedom Dark Guardian Royal Mobian Secret Army strikes me as good, too, even though I like using Knuckles. Well, pre-Heroes, anyway. I guess Sonic Rush taught them that more ISN’T always merrier, considering people liked that more than most recent offerings, and it only had two characters playable.

Edit: For the record, I approach this with a cautious optimism. I know Sonic Team well enough not to get my hopes TOO high…

LBD “Nytetrayn”