Over at Penny Arcade Forums, Slash000 and I have similar predictions/fears:

I predict that a minority of reviewers will severely mark down this game for being archaic and unevolved, simplistic, and “just another basic 2D sidescroller.” Hell, they’ll say that the game just simply doesn’t hold up to today’s standards for action games, and it’s purely nostalgia that really drives its appeal more than anything else.

Just watch. Watch Metacritic.

We’ll get in new reviews for a few days, maybe a week or two. They’ll start high, around 95-100. Then as the next week passes, we’ll see a lot of 85-90’s.

Then as reviews start to trickle slowly in after that, we’ll see scores of like 60 and 70 percent, with those comments like I said above.

Just watch the bullshit roll in. It never fails.

And then I will be sad.

But on the upside, hey, IGN, 9.5

Oh, and eToy has a preview up, as well…

Some people say Nintendo makes ‘kiddy’ games. I say they make games that bring out the child in you, as that is exactly what this game does for me.

LBD “Nytetrayn”