So, [info]woekitten and I rented Street Fighter Alpha Generations a while back.

Man, what a pile. Probably one of the dullest, worst-acted anime I’ve ever seen, Street Fighter or otherwise. I’m glad I only paid the rental fee instead of the purchase price, and since the DVD itself was faulty, I even got a store credit.

Earlier this evening, we continued making our way through Volume 2 of the old USA network Street Fighter cartoon, which I managed to pick up among other things(including Volume 1) for a few bucks during an ADV sale.

(and ignore the plot synopsis there, they get it all wrong)

I can seriously say that I prefer the TV show better.

What’s more, there’s even an episode on the three-disc set that basically covers the same ground as Generations, does it in half or less time, and comes off as a better-acted, more fulfilling experience.

In short, I’m saying that if you like SF and were thinking of getting Generations, don’t. Get the TV show instead. It’s mildly campy in a way, but still better than the other tripe foisted upon us.

One thing I’ll say for Generations. It has a mildly hot chick or two. But then, the TV show has Chun Li ripping her skirt up and Cammy’s hot female buddy from M-15 to more than make up for it.

Even if you don’t like the show and mock it, trust me, you’ll still have more fun than you will with Generations.

LBD “Nytetrayn”