As posted on MMNC.

A few secret characters I’d like to see show up in Mega Man Powered Up(slight spoiler behind the cut)

“Mega Man?” The evil version… just for the hell of it.

Viewtiful Joe: Hell, he’s already got the head for it, and it’d be cool to use some VFX powers on up in here. Time Man activates his Time Slow, and Joe hits him at MACH SPEEEEEED!!!! cancelling it out.

And finally…

* Dr. Wily breaks into Light’s lab, and steals all the robots. Roll arrives just too late. *

Dr. Light: What insanity, using my robots to conquer the world… Hmm… I don’t like it, but such things must be done…

*takes off his lab coat, revealing a karate gi underneath. From behind, he pulls out a red headband and ties it around his forehead*

I’ll stop Dr. Wily!

And off goes Dr. Light, Hadokening and Shoryukening his way through the robot hordes.

LBD “Nytetrayn”