Ok, just read the manual for MMPU(waiting for Red to get home before I play, just in case).

I can’t believe the booklet calls Rock “Mega.” I could understand it in the game, given they seemed to have a miscommunication in translation. They seemed to know it was supposed to be Rock, and were looking at a quick fix which evidently didn’t happen.

Which brings me to the question, what would be better at this point? Accuracy or consistency?

I’m guessing that they didn’t have “Rock” in the booklet for consistency’s sake.

What about next time, assuming it comes up? Mega Man 2 Powered Up, should they make it.

Should they correct it that time? Or should they try and remain consistent? Let’s face it, in the US games, “Rock” is never used for any other version of MegaMan, not even the Legends one.

In some ways, a change in mid-run might not make a ton of sense.

On the other hand, keeping it as “Mega” doesn’t allow Roll’s name to make much sense, either.

And as I’ve said before, I never have been big on the notion of tacking “Man” onto his regular name. It seems as silly to me as “Bob Man” or “Tom Man.” MAYBE if he actually had something to do with any form of the word “rock” besides matching his sister’s name, I could deal with it. But he doesn’t, so it doesn’t really work for me, save for the context of Japanese, where hey, whatever. Their culture, if they think it sounds better there, fine…

Oy, I need to work for Capcom. I’m such a damned anal perfectionist, I’d probably catch so much crap from typos to these kinds of errors… they’ve improved in recent, but there’s still room for improvement.

Message to Capcom:

LBD “Nytetrayn”