Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga is a good game. But it’s not quite as polished as Super Mario RPG, I find. Close, but no donut.

I’ve really only two real issues so far with the game.

One is the lack of save points. They’re just a bit too far apart for a portable game, I think. On a console game, I’d expect this more, but for portable… well, I like how Battle Network handles it. Whenever you need to stop, you can. It’s nice for any game, but I think for RPGs on the go, it’s especially important, as opposed to say, action games or puzzles or maybe sports(what are you going to do, save between serves?). Fortunately, the lack of random encounters helps balance this out. Somewhat.

Unfortunately, I find the hit-detection/timing to be a nuisance as well, specifically attacking an enemy on the overworld map. I find I either miss or wind up too close to ambush them for the battle, most of the time. Or worse, I miss and they get the guy in back. Just seems too precise, especially after I’ve done the same thing successfully in other games, specifically Super Mario RPG and Paper Mario.

Defense with the hammer seems a bit off, too. I’ve actually hit enemies with the hammer and still taken damage. It gets a little frustrating after awhile.

The double-button feature, controlling each brother independently, is neat but has started to loseWeight Exercise its luster. It’d be one thing if the brothers would seperate more, but as it is, it’s mostly pressing jump at every small step or whatever. A little disorienting during battle, too. But maybe they make better use of it later in the game.

Still, I like the game. A lot. Good music, funny graphics, and amusing story and humorous dialogue, most of it is enough to keep me coming back, fortunately. Can’t help myself, it’s still fun to play, and fighting the bosses is rather fun(though I’d really like to know if it’s possible to defend against Queen Bean; nothing ever worked there, no matter how I timed it), especially figuring out how.

I just feel the small issues above detract from it a bit. And so comes my question, the main point of the post:

Is any of this changed in the DS version? Are saves more frequent, or better, at will?(for those who say that makes it too easy, just don’t use them as much :P ) And is hit-detection/timing improved?

I’m not too hopeful for the latter, but the former would make up for it.

Oh, and a funny thing.

There are these enemies that come out of the ground that look like Oil Man, pre-color change. Funny they got by…

LBD “Nytetrayn”