Trying not to go off on a tangent. That said, after reading [info]mhyoshimitzu‘s post, it’s not so much the end product that ticks me off, but how they seemed to go about it.

Had they said “we’re just putting the first six games on a disc. We’ll see what else we can do. Oh yeah, and maybe that car game from Europe or something,” I’d have been cool with that. But no.

Capcom is all over the place in quality. Seems for every Resident Evil or MegaMan 8’s horrid dubbing we get, there’s a MegaMan Legends or a Resident Evil 2(good, as I recall), and for every Phoenix Wright or MegaMan Battle Network 1, there’s an X6 or MMBN4.

And sadly, it seems that most of the gaps of quality, though not all, fall into MM games. But then, I guess that’s simply ratio. If there are more Mega Man games than anything else, then naturally those titles will be more likely to be flawed.

Still, I think it’s one thing that they screw up. It’s another when they screw up twice.

And then there’s MMBN5 DS and MMXC. Where they make mistakes and don’t even bother to fix it the second time around, despite it being made glaringly obvious to them that there are problems.

“So,” you may be asking. “What do you plan to do about it?”

Sadly, that’s the thing. I’m not sure there’s much I, or anyone, can do about it.

Capcom seems to be halfway stuck in the 80s, where pretty much anything good or bad flew. They seem to be in this strictly for the money, which as a business, of course they are.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a lack of pride. Of self-respect.

Of honor.

This basically falls to the notion of a person, or in this case a company, having to be willing to help themselves before people can help them. Stuff like Maverick Hunter X and Phoenix Wright make it seem like there’s a little of that there, but… other stuff.

Still, I’d like to send some sort of message. I’ve done it once before, with… well, results, though not quite as desirable as we’d hoped.

I’m thinking of sort of a new petition. Except it’s not really a petition.

The premise is simple. Capcom can’t be trusted to put out a quality product. They CAN, and they DO… sometimes. But we never know when it’ll be hit or miss. Whenever they seem to be on the right track, then they remind us who they are.

So essentially, the idea is that people who are dissatisfied with Capcom’s products essentially sign their name. Perhaps with a small blurb saying what they are dissatisfied with. And how they might feel this sullies the company’s already questionable name as it relates to quality, which as we’ve said is more like a 3rd cousin that drops in now and again than any real relation.

Not just Mega Man. But pretty much anything. Their website isn’t exactly anything to write home about, either. Parts of it, at least. The forgotten ones. Like in their store. Or… sigh, Mega Man.

Viewtiful Joe and Street Fighter have some neat ones. Yeah, Street Fighter, the game that hasn’t had a new iteration since the Dreamcast. That one.

While MMZ… 2, I think? …is still either coming soon or a hot new release.

I suppose the other option is an e-mail campaign, but I think that requires more effort than anyone’s willing to muster for this, and I don’t know that anyone honestly believes Capcom reads their e-mail anyway(though I’ve gotten replies, even recently).

So, how’s that idea grab you? If you think Capcom’s doing a swell job on all fronts, or they’re offering you bribes, whatever, you don’t sign. But if you’ve got a beef with the way they’ve been dragging their ass along and doing business ever since they signed on for PlayStation, then sign away.

Does this idea appeal to anyone?

Like I said, I’m not counting on getting results. But it’d be a nice way to vent, and who knows? Since angry e-mails and attempting boycotts likely won’t work, maybe we can at least shame them a bit.

LBD “Nytetrayn”