Thought occured to me earlier.

A lot of rumor and speculation seems to suggest that the reason MMXC came out so badbare-bones is because of Maverick Hunter X.

The natural suggestion so far is, “don’t like it, don’t buy it.” Red figures we ought to pay for the good, and ignore the bad, and let their sales figures figure it out.

But if the above notion is indeed true, then if we buy MHX, are we not justifying their decision to keep MMXC bare-bones and break promises?

Beyond that, I really wonder if MHX is going to do all that well sales-wise. If it were on PS2 or something, I’m sure it would do well, but on PSP? That’s a less proven ground, really. A number of people have griped about it being on PSP because they don’t have one, so one has to wonder how it will do.

…and if simply the bad taste left by MMXC might turn people off to supporting it, expecting another hack job.

Perhaps THAT is the reason for the delay? So that maybe, MAYBE people will have forgotten by that time?

Be funny if. Given it’d still only be a couple of weeks apart, that means they can’t even scheme without going half-ass.

LBD “Nytetrayn”