So with any luck, throughout the week I can give some little quick-hit reviews of this past Saturday’s new fall lineup on Ok, not the whole lineup, just Sonic X, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and GI Joe: Sigma Six.

Today: Sonic X.

I have no idea if Japan has even gotten this yet, since season 3 began in France before going anywhere else. As a result, there’s no real way to know what to compare it to. What if the French got an edited version as well? Edited differently? Who knows?

Not that it matters, I tend to switch to dubs when and if they pass the subbing projects going on.

Anyway, the show starts off nicely, with Super Sonic fighting some robot in space, and a pretty powerful one, too; it even withstands a Chaos Control blast. Super Sonic isn’t able to keep up the pace, and when he finds out the spacebot wants the Chaos Emeralds, Sonic does the only… well, a somewhat logical thing: he disengages the Super, sending the Emeralds scattering like so many red-starred orange balls across the sky.

And then he falls down to Ear–er, Mobius, while the spacebot sends his minions searching for the mighty baubles. Maybe that wasn’t such a good idea after all.

Eventually, he’s found by Eggman, out for his morning run, and Eggman decides to give Sonic a hand. A week later, StH awakens, some banter ensues, and while Eggman’s robot crew are irate at Sonic’s manners and lack of exposition, Eggman seems to know there’s something more going on. After all, what could do that kind of damage to his nemesis, Super or not?

Meanwhile, Amy, Cream, and Tails are checking out some falling stars, when one falls right at them. Turns out to be a spaceship flown by a creature who calls her(?)self Cosmo, who’s looking for Sonic.

Over on Floating Island(how’d that get back?), Knuckles is resting a bit while guarding the Master Emerald, when he sees something else touch down– not sure if it was on the Island, or down on the ground beneath it– and goes to check it out. Turns out it’s a robot like Sonic fought, or the same one. Knuckles has a rough time with it, and is soon joined by Tails and Cosmo in the X-Tornado, but their attacks don’t do much damage. Sonic soon arrives and turns the tide, but only for a moment. He teams with Knuckles to put a hurtin’ on the bot, but it manages to excavate something… a gem, I forget what it’s called. Some sort of planetary egg, which is a part of the planet’s life source. Without these, the planet dies, and the effects already seem to start. That, or it’s something to do with the Master Emerald…

See, while this has been going on, we flash back to Chris on “our” Earth, where he’s still working on a portal to Sonic’s world. He’s been at it a little this ep, too, and he leaves his good-bye note and goes for it. He comes out about where the Master Emerald is, and–ZOMG!! He’s a kid again! In his adult clothing!

To be continued, y’all!

Overall, I liked the ep. Having things take place on Mobius will be a nice change of pace. Eggman looks like he may have to team with Sonic once again to stop these planet-raping piles of scrap. Cosmo is a mysterious point of interest, she doesn’t say why she needs Sonic. It looks like interesting times are ahead.

What I didn’t like was Chris’s return. While I think Chris is a neat character, in that I think in a way, he’s supposed to be the “Player 1″ in Sonic X, I think returning him to a kid was just… why? Seeing how he’s different as an adult may have been good, and we don’t even know if he’ll retain his scientific knowledge now. At least then he might be more useful than before…

And worst of all, he didn’t even bring the hot wheelchair girl with him!

Next up: All-new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, with an al(most)-new intro(MP3 available here, the previous one here), after the defeat of the Shredder.

LBD “Nytetrayn”