4Kids.tv remainder reviews, abridged-abridged.

TMNT was good. Love the new intro. Some old, some new. After last season’s blow-out closer, this past Saturday’s was more of a filler follow-up, letting the guys recover on Casey’s farm, but I expect it to pick up soon. And Ha’ntaan is supposed to show up this season, should rock.

It got moved to 10:30am, btw. Sonic X precedes it at 10.

GI Joe: Sigma Six.

Good action toon, the action is good and serves to progress the story, which doesn’t feel as deep as say, TMNT or Justice League Unlimited’s, or even TransFormers Cybertron. If you like action, give it a shot. The underlying story seems like it may keep things interesting as it threads through the season’s eps.

From what I know, it’s animated by Studio Gonzo, the guys behind TransFormers Cybertron, Hellsing, and some other anime. They do pretty well, given it’s an anime-flavored show about an American special mission force. The GI Joe ninjas, Snake-Eyes, Kamakura, and Jinx come out really awesome as a result, as well as Storm Shadow and the ninja B.A.Ts. In general, the animation is awesome, and the action is great. Story, maybe it’ll pick up more, but if it stays like this, at least it’ll still be pretty decent.

Also, it doesn’t seem to be connected to the GI Joe toons of old, but is a new thing, though I believe it’s tied to the recent Valor Vs. Venom movie, as Cobra Commander is captured at the start as Cobra is on the move.

Good characterization, each character seems fairly distinct, just like you might remember, unlike maybe TransFormers Cybertron, where everyone is basically thinking the same thing in different accents.

For voices, well, they do good, but I can’t cite any names. Credits did the usual squish-n-slide to the side, IMDB and TV.com are useless, so I’m guessing.

Sounds like a mix of Ocean and 4Kids groups. Tea from Yu-Gi-Oh seems to be Scarlet, if I had to take a guess, Seto Kaiba is the computer guy(newer character), Scott McNeil is Destro, and the combined talents of James Earl Jones and Orson Welles bring Snake-Eyes to life in a way like you’ve never seen him…


Overall, it’s a fun show, and perhaps worth watching at least one episode. Aimed more for the kiddies than the slightly more adult-flavored comics, it’s a fun ride. Check it out this morning, 11am EST if you get 4Kids.tv, usually on Fox.

Aaaaand, I missed Yu-Gi-Oh GX yesterday on YTV, ’cause I didn’t know it was on yet. Or at all. And evidently, no reruns on the schedule.

No sign of Viewtiful Joe on Canadian airwaves, sadly. Unless I missed something.

I hear Justice League Unlimited kicks in season 3 soon, but no word on when YTV will have it yet. Ought to be good stuff.

LBD “Nytetrayn”