Wow. This is what midnight showings are all about.

I’ll try and gush about it while remaining as unspoiling as I can.

First. I really, REALLY hate myself for missing the Batmobile at Eaton Centre now. That thing is fucking AWESOME.

Second, Katie Holmes’ character is, as I understand it, not from the comics. However, I think she fit in well.

Third, the use of the villains was excellent. Ra’s al Guhl was quite awesome, I loved how they worked him in. Scarecrow was cool, too. Parents, if your kids scare anywhere near easy, you might want to have them wait a few years on this one.

Fourth. Batman finally seems like Batman. This is good.

Barring the animated versions(those don’t count, because they’re just THAT good), I believe this is the best Batman movie I’ve ever seen. Sequel? I damn sure hope so.

Know what’d be great? Talk is there’s going to be a new Wonder Woman movie, if I understand Wizard right(didn’t get to read in detail). Talk of Superman Returns is for 2007. And even Jack Black is supposed to be the Green Lantern, by some travesty.

But I’d love to see all these guys come together in a Justice League movie.

Anyways, Batman. If you like Batman at all, I think it’s worth seeing at least once. Liberties are taken from the comics, yeah, but that’s just part of the business. Overall, I think despite perhaps changing various details, it stays quite true to the spirit of the character and the comics.

LBD “Nytetrayn”