Kalidor: Well, dang.


Hate to have had to do it, but I had to pull down the supermanisadick.com website.
The load continued to rise through the evening to a point where we were peaking at a maximum of 172 hits per second. Our servers could have taken quite a bit more, but our server network was pushing almost 42 megabits/sec sustained, and it was starting to cost us real money on our T3 circuit.

Sorry about this, but the costs were simply too high to sustain the site any longer.

Well that came from my boss. We were hosting the site grattis on our servers but it got waaaaaay out of hand.

I expected it to be a popular fad, but jesus.. we’re talking some serious bandwidth usage here. And you read right — 172 hits per SECOND.

We might be able to pull something off at some point in the future, but it will have a signifigant cost, I’d image. Its ultimately going to be up to Mike if he wants to pursue it, but as I told him, I’ll offer what ever resources I’m able.

NeroMan: You know what the funny thing is?
This is all Superman’s fault.

Full thread here.

Wow, all that in only a DAY…

LBD “Nytetrayn”